Can you kill hope? Yes, you can…


All good news and one really bad news blows them all…
Couple of days ago a young woman was horribly murdered by a kidnapper in Turkey. She was a kid to my eyes. I have been thinking about this extremely horrible event since I heard it.
For me the worst thing about homicide, rape or ay types of violence against women is that it kills your all hope. It sucks your all energy that you have been establishing for a long time. It damages your all beliefs for a better world.
I was thinking about it and I realised that there are many protests all around Turkey to protest violence against women saying “stop killing woman”. In last decades Turkey has gone long way regarding women’s rights and taking initiatives to protect women from violence. However, we ask for more, we want more… We will continue to be “too much” to establish more justice for women.
Today, Monday, we are all going to wear black whole day to protest violence against women and mourn for this young girl. Please join us…

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