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William Chasterson

The purpose of the Chasterson Award is to recognize bloggers who come out of their shell and bare themselves completely with their posts. All of us have a protective facade which we shed in varying degrees in order to genuinely connect with others on the blogosphere. I don’t mean those who are explicitly obscene or write things only for shock value. (That’s a facade as well). This award is to be given to only those bloggers who you feel deserve it. It’s also to encourage bloggers to actually read posts because it is an content driven award. To facilitate this there are fewer blog selections to choose from. Please only choose blogs that accept awards or are willing to make an exception in order to accept it.

We also use these awards as a way to pay-it-forward to other bloggers that we have found to be putting in the time…

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I did it! I am Ph.D. now!


I did it!

After 6 long long years in Ph.D. (which felt like half of my life)  yes, I finally got my Ph.D. degree! Happy thing is that it finally finishes at some point. People get their Ph.D.’s . It is hard, time and life consuming but it does end.

I felt like my favourite animation character Megamind for a minute after my professors declared that I am a Ph.D. 🙂

Then I realised that I am the same person who was trembling to defend it before a thesis committee just 24 hours ago. So I started to feel pretty much the same.

Now I also moved into a new country Lithuania.

My first impressions, comments on life style and people in Lithuania is coming soon.

Now I just try to enjoy my coffee and appreciate being a Ph.D. which I awaited for long.