I did it! I am Ph.D. now!


I did it!

After 6 long long years in Ph.D. (which felt like half of my life)  yes, I finally got my Ph.D. degree! Happy thing is that it finally finishes at some point. People get their Ph.D.’s . It is hard, time and life consuming but it does end.

I felt like my favourite animation character Megamind for a minute after my professors declared that I am a Ph.D. 🙂

Then I realised that I am the same person who was trembling to defend it before a thesis committee just 24 hours ago. So I started to feel pretty much the same.

Now I also moved into a new country Lithuania.

My first impressions, comments on life style and people in Lithuania is coming soon.

Now I just try to enjoy my coffee and appreciate being a Ph.D. which I awaited for long.


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