Revenant Movie: Should Oscar go to Bear or Leo?

I saw the movie last night. It is beautifully shot and story is touching.

———Includes some spoilers———–

Details are amazing. When we were watching the movie we made jokes that Leonardo Di Caprio did everything possible in this movie to get the Oscar. Of course this is a joke.

Tom Hardy’s performance as the supporting actor also worth attention. It was funny that we thought that “It would be so disappointing if Hardy gets and oscar and Leo cannot” 🙂




But after all the movie I should say bear scene and dream scenes are the ones that are left with me. I liked the realism in bear scenes and touching feeling in dream scenes.

Worth seeing!

Elena Ferrante: My Brillant Friend

Reading new authors makes me excited every time. It is like first date: Is she/he going to like me? Am I going to like her /him? I started reading Ferrante’s novel with these feelings. I am sympathetic to Italian life. I have the feeling that they are kinda close to our Turkish living. Cosy kitchens, strong family relations and trespassing individuals’ lives all the time having no idea of individual space. I think I was right about my stereotypical approach towards Italians. And of course there is this unseen tie between all social classes of the world. More or less same problems, same expectations from life and same disappointments.

Ferrante seemingly tells the story of two girls Lina and Lila. However, beyond these girls amazing imagination and survival strategies towards life you see Italian working class way of life. Poor neighbourhoods and increasing estrangement of young people from their families especially thanks to education. Similarly in Turkey education is still the major tool for social mobilisation. Estrangement from old habits, families and poor and ugly neighbourhoods is inevitable for educated young people.

I am putting Turkish book cover that I liked more than English cover.

This story somehow touched my heart because I had a more or less similar friendship. I am coming from a working class family too. My childhood friend and I always dreamed of being writers. She stopped school after high school and got married in couple of years later. I continued my education that I became a PhD finally. Invisible distance between us increased in years. She wrote an unpublished young adult novel couple of years ago which I did not quite admired.

When I read Ferrante’s novel, I remembered all these timeline. I had this awkward  movements when you feel like someone spied on your life. I do not think I need to say more about how beautifully written this novel is. It gave me that bitter sour feeling but I loved it.

romantic autumn pics from Vilnius

When I reviewed my previous posts I remembered that I promised to update my blog with romantic autumn pics from Vilnius. And I realised that I see a white beautiful snowy winter from my window near Neris. However, as I guessed, autumn was like reading a beautiful story in Vilno. It was yellow, red, dark and light. All in once. That’s why I am sharing these photos.

I took this picture during my morning walk. 
This is a beautiful park nearby.
City view spot.
Walking is quite a beautiful activity here.
End of autumn.
Trakai Castle. This was my husband’s idea. I am talking too much sometimes but I do not think I deserved that 🙂