Do not blame the baby!

Yes life is a competition or a game.

You are loosing it.

You are too slow.

Not energetic enough.

Or too busy to do important things that you have always wanted to do.

Leave it, you are a looser.

Drown in daily schedules,


unfinished duties

or unrealized dreams.

Leave it to others who rise and shine early and always there to be positive be successful.

Blame the new additions to your family, blame the baby, blame the kids, blame your wife, your husband for all things that you have missed.

Never and never take responsibility for your life.

Just listen others’ stories. Look how lucky they are to have such perfect flowless lifes. You are so unlucky, so different from others.

You have lots of problems but they have none. That’s why you deserve to complain. They do not.

Envy theirs, hate yours.

This is how life is supposed to be.

It is a game, a competition.

You have lost it.

To be continued soon….

PS: In the meantime that I have not uploaded my blog, we had received our baby girl. These are some postnatal notes from my early days of motherhood:)




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