Do not blame the baby!

Yes life is a competition or a game.

You are loosing it.

You are too slow.

Not energetic enough.

Or too busy to do important things that you have always wanted to do.

Leave it, you are a looser.

Drown in daily schedules,


unfinished duties

or unrealized dreams.

Leave it to others who rise and shine early and always there to be positive be successful.

Blame the new additions to your family, blame the baby, blame the kids, blame your wife, your husband for all things that you have missed.

Never and never take responsibility for your life.

Just listen others’ stories. Look how lucky they are to have such perfect flowless lifes. You are so unlucky, so different from others.

You have lots of problems but they have none. That’s why you deserve to complain. They do not.

Envy theirs, hate yours.

This is how life is supposed to be.

It is a game, a competition.

You have lost it.

To be continued soon….

PS: In the meantime that I have not uploaded my blog, we had received our baby girl. These are some postnatal notes from my early days of motherhood:)




The Atlas of Misty Continents

I finished this novel last week. What a shame! Considering it was published in 1992. I try to follow Turkish literature closely but I have this personal problem. When everybody is talking about a book, recommending or suggesting, I develop this enemity against the book. I hardly get it and read it. I have been hearing İhsan Oktay Anar’s book for long. But as it happens to me with some popular books I somehow resisted reading it.

I owe an apology since I read it and I found the book amazing. Unfortunately I found out from a valuable Turkish translator’s website that the book has not been translated into English yet. If this info is still up to date, I think some publishers owe apologies to this book as well!

kitalarThe book is settled in 17th Century Ottoman Empire. We follow dreams of a man called Uzun İhsan throughout the book. His story takes us different parts of the city, different social groups and their lives and a unique philosophy of life presented and pursued by some of the characters. Author, İhsan Oktay Anar is a philosophy professor, you feel it in every aspect of the book. However, you feel it in a nice way not as a stick in your eye. You follow, question, try to answer but not in a boring way but in a sweet and enjoyable way. As a sociologist myself, I can definitely say as sociologists and philosophers we know how to push people to boredom when we write or talk. Luckily this book is on the brilliant side: Telling you a philosophical and historical story in a intelligent and efficient way instead of trying to convince you to a certain truth.

Once more, I should say that this book should be translated into English or any other languages. It would be a must read for people who like historical, philosophical novels with a strong fictional base.

Küçük Şeylerin Tanrısı

İnsanlık Hâli

Oh! Yoga hakkında söyleyeceklerimi döktüm. Şimdi kaldığımız yerden devam edebiliriz.

Foto: Aisha Harley

Aramıza yeni katılanlara hatırlatalım:

Bir kitaptan bahsediyorduk. Ne olmuş yani, diyorduk. Ne olmuş biz kendimizi zincirlerimizden kurtardı isek?  Dünyada haksızlık, işkence, ızdırap bitecek mi? Beni bir kara bulut sarmıştı ki o kitabı hatırladım.

Hani nasıl zannederdik sanki dünya bizim etrafımızda dönüyor. Sanırdık ki biz sorumluyuz olan bitenden. Büyüklerin karışık kafalarının, o çok dolu hayatlarının kurbanı idik aslında.  Ağır çekim zamanlarda yaşanan o korku dolu, duygu dolu, şüphe dolu büyülü dönem:  Çocukluk.

İşte o kitap küçük şeylerden sorumlu bir tanrının umursamazlığında varlıkları örselenen çocukların hikayesi…

Ya da tarihin kendisinin.

Küçük Şeylerin Tanrısı. (evet doğru bilen dikkatli okuyucularımızı buradan kutluyorum. YYA: Kitabın kindle versiyonu kazandınız. )

Arundhati Roy’un yegane romanı Küçük Şeylerin Tanrısı’nda hayata dair herşey var. Ve romanın malzemelerinin bir araya gelişinde benim sorduğum soruların kendisi de, onların cevabı da var. Büyük acıların sahne aldığı bir dünyada…

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How to write your final paper?

Writing a final paper or essay might be frightening for most of you.

In this piece I will try to summarize how you can make writing an essay easier.

This piece is a simplified introduction for beginners intended to help my students for a specific class. So different parts of this piece might be irrelevant to readers who are planning to write essays for different classes or purposes.


Step 1. Deciding your topic:

Chose one of the topics among our previous class discussions such as migration, women in Turkey, nationalism etc. After choosing this general topic you have to cut it down into a smaller topic: “Problems faced by women accessing equal job opportunities in Turkey” or “current debates in Turkey regarding Syrian refugees” or “rise of Kurdish question during early years of Republic in Turkey” etc.

When you cut down your topic in small parts you will realize you might find it easier to focus on couple of aspects of your new topic. Let’s follow one of the above mentioned topics to make an example:

“Current debates in Turkey regarding Syrian refugees”

Although being cut down, this topic still includes many aspects such as:

  • Problems faced by Syrian Refugees
  • Issues faced by Turkish host community
  • Government’s response to refugee issue

As you see these different topics can be a issue of an essay by themselves. However since you will be writing a general discussion for our class you might want to touch upon all these issues referencing our class readings and additional research.

All of these topics now can be among your discussion and among your different paragraphs.

Step 2. Introduction

In the first paragraphs of your essay you are expected to state a research question.

Which question or questions will you be trying to answer in your paper?

Following the above mentioned example we can formulate a RQ as follows:

“What are the current debates in Turkey regarding Syrian refugees?”

Regarding your own topic you are expected to write down a research question in your first paragraphs. And following statement of the RQ you are also expected to how you are going to discuss these research question.

E.g. I will focus on common problems faced by Syrian refugees in Turkey, possible solutions as well as Turkish community’s reaction to them. I will refer to data and previous studies throughout my essay…

Step 3. Introducing your argument

Argument is a claim that you state when starting introducing your topic.

After stating the issues that you are going to discuss you have to make certain arguments about your paper. This might be a open end argument at the beginning however, when you continue researching, reading and writing, you will certainly realize you will have some ideas about the topics. These ideas can be called as arguments. Your research might prove that your argument at the beginning was wrong. You might discuss this aspect in your conclusion part.

Eg. I argue that problems faced by Syrian are mainly caused by economic deficits and unemployment. / OR …because of host government’s inefficient efforts…

When you summarized your discussion topics and arguments, you might start your discussion.

Describing the major concepts and topics might be a good start after giving your arguments.

Step 4. Development of your essay.

Development is the largest part of the essay. Since you have stated the different aspects that you will be discussing in your essay, now you can start introducing these aspects to your reader. In this part, you are expected to write all the information you gathered from articles, books or websites on the different aspects of the issue. You are also expected to detail the background of your points that you are discussing. In this part, you might need different sub-titles to make your discussion points clearer.

E.g. These are the issues that you will discuss.

  • Problems faced by Syrian Refugees
    • Main problems and background about these problems
  • Issues faced by Turkish host community
    • What are the issues that the host community raising?
    • Background and development of different tensions between refugees and host community
    • If so, changing reactions by the host community.
  • Government’s response to the refugee issue
    • Background of government’s response
    • How do you evaluate the response?

Step 5. Referencing

While explaining different aspects of your discussion you are expected to refer to different resources that you found in class discussions. You might find further resources among your class readings’ bibliographies.

  • Refer to Data that you found about these problems
  • Refer to Articles and books that you read about these problems
  • Refer to Websites or news that you read about these problems

Step 6. Conclusion

In the conclusion part, you are expected to discuss what did you find about your topic? What is new? And does your findings match with your arguments? Any surprising facts? Or any comments that you want to make about the topic. All these issues are expected to be discussed in the conclusion part. Conclusion is also the part that you share your opinion about the topic and make concluding remarks.


I finished my paper! 




When is the Summer coming?


WordPress told me that it has been 3 months since I upload my blog.

Normally I write everyday to my notebooks. But when it comes to updating a blog sometimes you feel like it is such an extra work.

Anyway, there is one topic I want to share with you. Actually it is a sincere question:

When is the Summer is coming in Vilnius?

Seriously we still wear winter boots and coats. I started to get cranky and anxious due to dark wheather. I miss my 9 months summers in Ethiopia which I appreciated a lot.

I still love the Vilnius city. But please let the Summer come soon.


Revenant Movie: Should Oscar go to Bear or Leo?

I saw the movie last night. It is beautifully shot and story is touching.

———Includes some spoilers———–

Details are amazing. When we were watching the movie we made jokes that Leonardo Di Caprio did everything possible in this movie to get the Oscar. Of course this is a joke.

Tom Hardy’s performance as the supporting actor also worth attention. It was funny that we thought that “It would be so disappointing if Hardy gets and oscar and Leo cannot” 🙂




But after all the movie I should say bear scene and dream scenes are the ones that are left with me. I liked the realism in bear scenes and touching feeling in dream scenes.

Worth seeing!