My name is Dilek.

It is me with my personal parodies: Such as starting blogging in Ethiopia where internet connection is a failure most of the time. Seriously a simple posting takes an hour. That is who I am. When I decide to start something I choose the most exhausting time or thing to do. So I can say I do not have the most exciting life but I just do not have the most boring one either thanks to my ironies.

As Montaigne put it decades before me: I try my best to be the universe for myself when I am totally deserted.

So that is who I am a PhD candidate in Sociology, starting a blog for my valuable notes from books, movies and to post pictures of my artistic hobby woodcut printing… instead of writing my long lived PhD thesis. There are rumors that you graduate somehow so I belive them.

Below (or somewhere around) you will see my first woodcut print work (Do not yike me, you did worse when you first started blogging or woodcut printing). I will try to add as much as notes on books, coffee, art and movies as much as my thesis allows me. Just do not forget to remind me to go back to my thesis if you see my posts more frequently then you expect.


Last month I moved to Vilnius, Lithuania. Such a beautiful city! I will continue  my posts with romantic autumn pictures probably.

Here is my contact information: