“I am too much” – Really? – A Conversation that You Should Avoid in a Job Interview


Once I was sitting in a hotel’s lobby in Addis Ababa. A woman and a man is sitting next to me. I am trying to focus on my book but overhearing their conversation as well since our chairs are almost side by side.

It is a job interview, girl wants the job. She seems like a smart one. But she shares two common problems of the smart women: She is not beautiful and she talks too much (‘How do I know?’). People can generally stand gibbering beautiful woman but vice versa is rare. Whatever interesting topics that you bring up does not matter. You should keep it short when trying to show how smart and determined you are.

Yep! I just heard that she said “Even my ex boyfriend broke up with me saying: You are too much for me!” Bingo! I am right she is unnecessarily talking too much in a job interview which I definitely should not do tomorrow.

I have my first job interview tomorrow for a teaching position at university. That just reminded me of this funny conversation. Wish me luck!