Les Mills Body Combat: Tried and liked!


I like challenging myself trying new things. So last two weeks challenge was this kick-ass workout called Les Mills Body Combat.

It is true that it is a combination of some martial arts moves plus cardio moves.

First things first, I cannot say I like working out with these people. Seriously, full of muscles, taking what they are doing very seriously “we are gonna change the world, whoooaaaa!!”. Nope! It is not me. I like yoga people, smooth, mindful, caring, silent…. But anyway it is true that you get into the mood after a while.

I find myself kicking, boxing with my imaginary opponent. I try to visualise someone that I hate. But I have been a yoga person since last two years that it is hard to remember if I hated someone before. SO I try to fight with inequality, politics, and poverty, really imaginary pals. Otherwise, you really do not want to mess with people who are doing these kind of workouts. My husband was making fun of my boxing and finally he received a small punch from me and he stopped making fun and said “Wouuw it hurt, you have been really working on this, were not you?”

But it really is a tough work-out which needs patience. However, as they claim you burn a lot of calories, feel like dying from heart attack but finally be proud of yourself after one hour of this kick-ass work out. So I suggest it to friends who likes to try a different work out at home. First week you feel like you were beaten up very badly when you wake up, however, if you continue feeling stronger takes place of this feeling. Worth giving a try!