Are refugees terrorists?

As far as I read from some friends’ posts there is a huge debate going on in social media about accepting refugees and fear of terrorism. Having written my phd on migration and asylum issues I wanted to share some helpful remarks with friends who are interested in hearing facts and data results from some research not just rumours.
First of all let me explain what a refugee is… To be accepted in a country as a refugee there are certain legal requirements such as running away from war, fear of death or fear of unjust treatment, torture, execution etc. Syrians in this case meet all of the requirements (just imagine, we are afraid of ISIS in Europe. Think about Syrians, ISIS comes to their neighbourhood and drag them out. Does not it seem like a just cause for flight and apply for asylum?)
Second, around 800,000 refugees entered into Europe last year. Turkey currently hosts more than 2 million Syrians. Consider this: One terrorist sneaked into Europe among all these people and we try to blame them all. This again sounds just unthoughtful. What if Syrians look at us and say “Why do you keep sending our country jihadists?” Currently there are thousands of terrorists in ISIS who are of Western origin. What would be our answer?

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.42.46
Lastly, let’s just face it: all our countries have blood in their hands about what is happenning in Syria or Middle East now. This gigantic human misery is just one aspect of how politics can ruin people’s lives. So you’d better try to understand why we should share the burden.
Please check the following graph that gives a clear picture of religiously motivated terrorism in Europe and please stop washing our hands clean saying: “Oh Islamists again!”

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.04.12.png