Wood-cut Print World

In my first entry  I mentioned a little bit about my new hobbies: going vegan for a week and woodcut print. Luckly, woodcut print survived longer than my veganism.

Today, we had another class with our teacher Habtamu @ my beautiful friend Figen‘s house. I want to share some of the work that I had done lately.

First I carved different images on wood patiently very patiently….

IMG_1601Then you should be more patient because there comes the exciting part: Coloring and printing it on a surface that you like. As a beginner, I used regular printing paper.


Ok Habtamu helped me a little bit in coloring. That is right. But I continued by myself! Then vola! We have a black and white wood cut mold ready to print. Then it looks something like that after printing.


Pretty amazing is not it? But my husband kept asking me since I started going to wood-cut printing classes “I do not understand why do not you just paint this picture on the paper?” He was right in a way because carving the wood takes hours and you are producing wood chips continiously. It is quite a dusty work! I think this is the fun part giving your stress away and producing a lot of dust and having an excuse to do that!