Yoga Retreat in Debre Zeit

Last weekend I attended a beautiful yoga retreat organized by my friend Marta in Debre Zeit. We arrived there with my friends and joined other 15 more people. Marta is a unique  teacher who is full of joy and energy. We had four yoga classes plus long guided meditations (hardest part for me). I enjoyed all of it.

Our retreat started in this nice spot

We also enjoyed nice wheather in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia. Group was combined mostly of women and they were all fun. The garden was beautiful with pooping birds! IMG_1749

This is our new express way, always fun!

On our way back home we had a nice surprise with my friend Sofi’s car. It stopped at some point and we got out to give it a push. I told them “without pushing a car on the highway, my experience in Ethiopia would not be complete!”. Of course days long yoga and meditation helpedon positive thinking a lot!

Taking pictures while others practicing is always fun :p
Taking pictures while others practicing is always fun :p